Do More 24 is May 22-23, noon to noon 

May 22-23 2019, noon to noon!

May 22-23 2019, noon to noon!

Save the date for 2019’s Do More 24 event, a 24-hour online fundraising event sponsored by the United Way of Greater Washington to benefit D.C.-area non-profit organizations like TCCW.

Do More 24 offers opportunities for matching funds and prize monies for the hundreds of participating non-profits. Last year, City Choir finished first among “arts organizations with a budget under 1 million,” raising more than $15,000.

This year’s goal is $20,000; please help City Choir stay on top by going online and donating.

You can also help by spreading the word: a single email or post on social media to your far-flung family and friends will go a long way.

Donations made between May 22-23 will have the most impact, but there is also an extended period of "advance giving" that will begin on May 15 and run until 11:59 am on May 22. Money donated in advance will not be eligible for any prizes but will be included in TCCW’s totals.

You can donate any amount, but here are some examples of what your contribution will provide to City Choir:

  • $500 pays the salary of one orchestra member

  • $250 covers the cost for one hour’s rehearsal

  • $125 funds a City Singers performance in a retirement home

  • $ 50 celebrates 50 years of Robert Shafer

  • $ 25 pays for the music score of a guest soloist

Just Think…

  • $24 is about the cost of a week’s worth of Starbuck’s lattes…

  • $96 is about the cost of a nice dinner for two…

  • $240 is about the cost of 12 uber rides…

…a small sacrifice could make a big difference!

It’s easy to contribute!

Beginning at noon on Wednesday, May 22, look for the Do More 24 logo on our website, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also log on to and search for the City Choir of Washington in the “find organizations” box. Or, just call or email your City Choir friends and ask them to donate to TCCW during the 24-hour campaign. Just remember, the clock runs out at 11:59 am on Thursday, May 23.

Set up your own social media campaign

Use your own social media accounts to spread the word to all your friends and family. It’s easy to set up a “peer-to-peer” campaign using Do More 24’s platform. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit Do More 24’s website and type in “City Choir of Washington” in the search box in the upper right hand corner. (Or just click here).

  2. Click on City Choir’s logo, then click on the “fund raise” button or the “create a fundraiser for this non-profit” plus sign.

  3. Create a profile by clicking on the blue button at the top of the page. Now fill out the categories.

    • For example, the Title of your campaign might be “Rock me, Amadeus!”

    • Now create your own unique URL, such as “/”

    • Next, you can write a Summary of why you’ve created this campaign and what your goals are, ie. “City Choir performs masterpieces such as the Mozart Requiem with precision and heart—it’s as if they were written yesterday! I want to help promote this mission by raising funds like it’s 1791. (Our goal is $20,000).”

    • Then, write a Personal Appeal of just a few sentences—this will be visible on your campaign page: “Nobody understands me like Bob Shafer and City Choir. Help me support this wunderbar organization!”

    • Now you can upload a Campaign Page Photo (a tasteful profile in oils is never amiss), and

    • list your Campaign Goal, the amount of money you personally hope to raise from family and friends. You may be broke, but you never know when a mysterious Count may drop in to give you a commission…

  4. Hit “Submit Campaign for Approval,” and start spreading the word! You can share your campaign on social media, or just send an email—or put quill to parchment—to all your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who might want to support the arts.

    • To share on your Facebook or Twitter account, click on your finished campaign (once approved it will appear on Do More 24’s City Choir page here). Then simply click on the Facebook or Twitter icon next to “Share Page.”

    • To share via email, if you click on your finished campaign you can cut and paste your unique URL (ie,, and your friends can go directly to your campaign.

  5. You can log back in and edit your page any time, and check on the status of donations.

Generous contributions from our donors are what keeps City Choir going, and we appreciate all your help. For questions about the Do More 24 event, contact Laura Bradford at or 240-723-6904.